Hairdressing has been a most rewarding career choice for me!  I am a licensed hairdresser with many years of experience.  Many of my regular customers have become dear friends (you know who you are)! 

For some I am their confidante, their therapist, and their beautician/magician. 

About a year ago, I was asked to make a home visit on a wonderful older lady who needed her hair cut, and was no longer able to leave her home comfortably.  We had tea, after which she kindly invited me to play some of her old favorite songs on her grand piano; and after that as I cut her hair, she recited poetry to me! 

She was tired after this, and I helped her to bed.  Then she sweetly asked if I would be so kind as to read to her some Robert Frost.  What an enjoyable couple of hours we shared!  The delightful lady's care-giver was grateful for the opportunity to get some serious housework done knowing that her charge was in good hands, and since then she has recommended me to other clients. 

There are times when getting out of the house is not an option.

Traveling hairdresser, musician and poet...

Some of the home services I offer include:

    Shampoo, cut, and style                            $30
    Dry cut (waterless shampoo option           $20
    Color retouch with trim                              $70

Prices are for Clinton, MA.  Many more hairstyling services offered.  Additional fee for traveling depends upon distance.

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Lynn S. Lambert

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